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Suggested Reading Material

In this post you will find some really nice books worth reading.

  • Books for Introductory Econometrics and their Application to Finance:

Introductory Econometrics and Statistics

2) Introduction to Econometrics; by Christopher Dougherty

3) Applied Econometrics; by Asteriou and Hall

4) Essentials of Econometrics; by Damodar Gujarati

5) Principles of Econometrics; by Hill, Griffiths and Lim

More Advanced Textbooks in Econometrics

2) Time Series Analysis; by James Douglas Hamilton

Quantitative Methods in Finance

3) Financial Modeling; by Simon Benninga

  • Books Related to Political Economy and Covering Specific Geographic Areas:

North America

2) In Trump We Trust; by Ann Coulter

Korean Peninsula

Latin America

EU Countries

4) Chronicles: On Our Troubled Times; by Thomas Piketty

5) Germany: Memories of a Nation; by Neil MacGregor

7) The Conservatives - A History; by Robin Harris

  • Books for The WWII:

1) The Darkest Hour; by Antony McCarten

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